August 11, 2010

Peter managed to finish the mural. I wish I had more to say but as I have been out of town, all I can do at this point is provide you with the following:


The Gist of it:

November 16, 2009

Below is a letter artist Peter Pagast has composed. Consider it addressed to you. We, the friends of the mural, wish to see this happen. Join us.


Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Peter Pagast and I am an artist and muralist who lives in Philadelphia, PA. I am working to raise money to paint a mural of Noam Chomsky  at 19th and Fairmount (location may change) in Philadelphia where, as many people don’t realize, Chomsky was born and raised. He also attended the University of Pennsylvania from 1945 to 1955 where he received his PhD. Chomsky is a man with strong roots in this city and I want to pay tribute to him in the place of his birth and education as a tribute of appreciation and respect.

This is a letter requesting assistance to make this mural a reality. I wish to keep it a grass roots effort so as to avoid corporate sponsors. For this project, it seems fitting to find individual sponsors who care about Chomsky and his legacy who want to contribute to a mural immortalizing his image. Philadelphia has become the mural capital of the world with more murals painted here than any other city. This particular mural would serve as an educational tool in helping to spark discussion about Chomsky’s life work, beginning in Philadelphia. I want to draw connections between our current economic crisis in Philadelphia and the greater United States, Chomsky’s ideas and the strong base of people in this city who have a desire to learn more about the man and his work.

Attached is an article written in The Philadelphia Weekly from September 1st, 2009 that gives more information about this project. I am also sending you the primary design for this mural. This is a formal request for a donation, in any amount, towards the completion of this mural. My website, has a paypal button for easy donations.  A minimum donation of $35.00 will get you a 12×16 inch photographic print of the finished mural.  An even more enticing incentive is having your name will be permanently painted onto the mural as a donor, for or a donation of $150.00 or more! Please consider that every generous dollar you can donate is needed to complete this project, and it is a project that will hold great importance in the city of Philadelphia and followers of Chomsky’s work for decades to come.  Thank you very much for your time, generosity and consideration.


Peter Pagast


Please visit my website to see a decade’s worth of my mural works: